Structural Channel

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Farwest invests in a variety of Structural Channels ready for distribution same or next day.

Whether you are buying full bundles or need Structural Channels saw cut to your exact specifications, Farwest has the inventory ready to support your requirements. One of Farwest’s structural lasers can also process custom shapes from Structural Channels to include laser cut holes, copes, or bevels up to 48′ long.


Farwest carries an A36 inventory of Structural Channels between 3″ x 4.1 to 15″ x 50. Common inventory lengths are 20′ and 40′, but shorter lengths can be saw cut to your specifications. Longer than 40′ requirements are inventoried in 50′ and 60′ for our more popular sizes, but the rest can be procured through Farwest with a mill minimum.

Yield KSI36 Min
Tensile KSI50 - 80 Min
Elongation % in 2"21 Min
C - Carbon0.26
P - Phosphorus0.04
S - Sulphur0.05
Si - Silicon0.4

Physical and chemical properties are provided for a quick reference only. Please refer to the specification publisher for official physical and mechanical properties. ASTM specifications can be found here.

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