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Farwest invests in an extensive 3CR12 stainless flat roll inventory.

Standard inventory in can be shipped same or next day.


Farwest is proud to carry 3CR12 inventory ranging from 2mm to 20mm in a variety of widths.

Yield KSI Less than 6mm: 46.4 , Greater than 6mm: 40.6
Tensile KSI 66
Elongation % in 2" 20 Min
Brinell Hardness 223
C - Carbon 0.03
Mn - Manganese 1.5
P - Phosphorus 0.04
S - Sulphur 0.015
Si - Silicon 1
Ni - Nickel 0.3 - 1
Cr - Chromium 10.5 - 12.5

Physical and chemical properties are provided for a quick reference only. Please refer to the specification publisher for official physical and mechanical properties. ASTM specifications can be found here.

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